Thieves Oil

Interesting and gross. The History of Thieves Oil Europeans began producing essential oils in the 12th century. During the Plague of the 15th century, certain thieves robbed the dead without becoming infected. Finally, four thieves were captured in Marseilles, France, and charged with robbing the dead and dying victims of the plague. At the trial, […]

Bleach as a mold killer?

Chlorine bleach is well known for killing bacteria, and it has no rivals when it comes to removing color.  But is bleach effective in killing mold?  Not really. Here’s why: It is too diluted and thus too weak to permanently kill mold unless the mold is simply sitting on top of a hard surface like […]

Exposure During Mold Cleanup and Removal

To minimize exposure and/or potential health risks from conducting a mold remediation project, take the following precautions: Wear respiratory (nose and mouth) protection when handling or cleaning moldy materials. The minimal type of breathing mask, or respirator, that should be used for protection from mold particles is an “N-95” particulate respirator approved by the National […]

Do It Yourself Mold Clean Up

1. To Eliminate Mold, You Must First Eliminate the Source of Moisture Most importantly, the source of the water accumulation must be identified and fixed or fungal growth will continue to occur. If you have a high relative humidity in a room or area (55% or higher), then you should strongly consider a dehumidifier. To […]

Mold 101

When dealing with mold particles and indoor moisture, the goal is to eliminate them by physically moving these things out of your house. The normal circulation of a building that breathes fresh air into a building and expels used air can only do so much – sometimes it needs a little help. That’s why we […]

Are Your Pets at Risk?

When we think about mold we often think about how it can affect our health or how it can destroy our homes – but what about man’s best friend? How susceptible are our pets to mold? The first recorded case of a pet dying from toxic mold was in 2007. Two Himalayan cats were having […]

Mold Remediation, price Isn’t everything

So you’ve decided to hire a mold removal company to come in and finally get rid of all that mold that is making building occupants sick and possibly becoming a liability. Good for you. Now, when deciding on a mold remediator, your biggest issue is understandably money. But choosing a mold removal company that offers […]

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