Black Mold Testing

Black mold testing is not a just some sort of test to rob you of your hard earned money. It’s a test that is very real, and can check for the toxic mold and prevent serious health problems from occurring in you and your family. A professional can check for mold in your home using […]

How To Tell if There is Mold in Your Basement

There are a lot of things lurking in your basement. Aside from snakes, the worst thing you can have is toxic mold. Any type of mold, in fact is undesirable. You can initially sense its presence in your basement if there are musty odors around your house. Basement mold is usually hidden away in a […]

Contacting a Mold Removal Company

There are con artists in every business imaginable, including mold removal. If you research online, you will find horror stories from families conned into paying for unprofessional removal services. You can avoid becoming a statistic by doing your research first. The best place to start is by asking for personal referrals. Ask among friends, family […]

Mold Remediator

Are you a homeowner or business owner with a serious mold problem? If so, would you like some professional help? Fill out our form and request a remediation estimate. Mold Removal Services – How to Choose a Mold Remediator Finding that you have mold in your house can be very stressful, for a couple of […]

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